About Dance Freedom

Now found all around the world, salsa is not just a type of dance, it’s a community. Salsa breaks down cultural and language barriers. It’s an exuberant, fiery, fun and sexy way of life. Salsa is one of today’s most popular dancing styles, especially here in the UK. It attracts people from all over the world with different cultures, abilities and backgrounds. Learning salsa is a great way of exercising, meeting people and enhancing your social life.  For a more vibrant life, embrace salsa!

Here at Dance Freedom we provide classes catering to everyone; from absolute beginners to advanced dancers. If you are a complete beginner and want to master salsa quickly and stress-free, don’t look away. All you need is dedication, let us do the rest! Salsa is for everyone. Anyone can become an excellent salsa dancer. The Salsa Freedom team have taught across the world, and are well established in Manchester. Copacabana, Cuba Cafe, The Walkabout, The Northern Club, ARK Bar and Manchester 235 Casino are just a few examples of places we have taught and held popular events.

We believe that the key to learning salsa quickly is to frequently change dance partners, therefore we teach Rueda De Casino. More commonly known as Salsa Rueda, this is an exciting Cuban style of salsa. Pairs of dancers form a circle, the Rueda, where everyone dances in unison and partners are seamlessly switched between moves. Come and experience a taste of Cuban culture and passion!

Our goal is to make salsa accessible to everyone, and to enrich people’s lives with this beautiful form of dance and way of life. We aim to share our passion and knowledge for salsa dancing with people from all abilities and backgrounds. The most important aspect of our classes however is fun, so as well as sharing our skills we ensure every student is enjoying themselves. The atmosphere in our classes is light-hearted, even when focusing on correct technique or more complicated manoeuvres.

We provide drop-in classes in the heart of Manchester City Centre, Northern Quarter and Deansgate. There is easy access to our venues via public transport links, and plentiful parking. No booking or partner is required, just bring your fabulous self and a pair of shoes you feel comfortable dancing in.

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What Our Students Say.


         I first came to Jordan's classes when my friend Lucy dragged me, I was reluctant but quickly fell in love with it. I could see immediately that Jordan was a dedicated, conscientious teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure every student is learning effectively but also enjoying themselves. I love the way I lose myself in the rhythm, and have made amazing life-long friends from the classes. Salsa isn't just a dance, it's a community."
    Ruth Rose

         "The instructor is great and really helps you not feel silly when you are able to keep up. Keeps the pace of the learning fast which means the lesson does not stagnate. Would recommend to anyone."
    Salsa Student

         "Thank's for the job you are doing+++++++++++++++"
    Salsa Student

         "Introduction to each step at beginning of class until familiar with dance"
    Salsa Student

         "Had a great time. The teacher is excellent. I'm really looking forward to the next lesson :D"
    Salsa Student

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